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“I have to say that I have never had as much pain before as I have had with my recent injury from an auto accident. I had a broken pelvis in 4 places. What they call a ring fracture. I couldn’t walk with even a walker for 3 1/2 weeks. I was in the hospital for 4 weeks. I came home on a walker for 2 more weeks. Then graduated to a cane. I was doing physical therapy at home with the help of my dear friend who is a physical therapist. My husband was under going chemo treatments and needed to be driven back and forth to them. Once I got on the cane I could drive him. So I held off on full physical therapy until he was done with his treatments and I could then commit to a regular schedule set by the physical therapist.

My doctors physicians assistant, and many friends said to go to Michael Close if I want to have a good physical therapy treatment. Well, Michael made me feel so safe and comfortable. It was difficult to get around in the beginning. He would walk me from each therapy exercise to the next. He was so caring and careful.
I would see others make great strides and I would wonder if I would also be able to do the things they were doing. I started my therapy in January walking with pain and difficulty. By April I was jumping rope and hopping around. I couldn’t believe how well I was doing. I will be playing golf again in May. That was my ultimate goal. To be able to play golf again.

I can’t say enough about Mike. Mike is loved by so many here in the Flathead Valley. He has to have the number one physical therapist business in town due to his skills and caring heart. Mike is so personable I even had one person tell me he wished he had a need for physical therapy again just so he could see Mike on a regular basis. I think Mike would just like him to come visit when he can than to get hurt again. He wants everyone to get well knowing full well that it is a difficult journey. But with Mike’s never ending smile and encouragement it makes the journey to better health fun and rewarding.

Thank you Mike for getting my swing back.”

– Rita Livingstone –

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Michael Close during March and April 2009 following total knee replacement surgery in mid February. The surgery was by Dr. Olszewski of Flathead Valley Orthopedic Center and Michael provided physical therapy for my rehabilitation process.

I went into the physical therapy phase with high expectations and the work with Michael has led to a rehab result greatly exceeding my expectations. I have found Michael to be a most professional, pleasant, and positive therapist with sound knowledge of the field. He is very supporting and caring for his clients and well respected by the orthopedic surgeons in the area.

Michael’s facility (Bigfork Physical Therapy) on Highway 35 is conveniently located, well equipped and has plenty of area for exercising. I highly recommend Michael Close to all who may need physical therapy from time to time.”

– Dennis –

“Mike, I was not able to get another jump before we deployed, but here is a picture of me on patrol at over 8000ft. right around 8 miles in to a 20 mile patrol. My foot has been pain free for weeks now, so I guess we can call this a success. Thanks for everything.”

– Zach –

“Michael, I just wanted to say thanks for all you’ve done for my dual knee replacement rehab and lower back L4&5 pain relief. I still do the exercises you gave me some 6 or 7 years ago. I have yet to take a pain pill for my lower back and both knees work great. You, and your wife, have given me the mobility I need as a 62 year old guy wearing out with age. I was just enjoying my evening here in Seattle with some good music and a glass of wine remembering the days you two so patiently guided me through my recovery for both injuries. Life is good. I hope yours is as well. Thanks and Thanks again.”

– Gregor Saveskie –

“I work as a Dental Hygienist and I had pain in my elbow and hand. Mike used the Graston Technique, and after a few sessions I was pain free. I have also seen Mike for several sports related injuries and most recently for therapy from a broken wrist. I can not believe the improvements I have had with his treatments. That is why I call him “Miracle Mike”.”

– Mary –

“Mike Close and Bigfork Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab cured me from my troublesome hips. Following the rehab, a month later I was healthy to compete for a state championship, in which I was successful in thanks to Mike. That experience was a great feeling but that event will fade in time. The friendship that has occurred between Mike and I, following my treatment, is something that will last forever. At Bigfork Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab you will experience a family like environment that cannot be matched anywhere else. Mike doesn’t look at people being patients he looks at them being friends, so you can guarantee that he will try as hard as he can to get you healthy and back to your normal life as soon as possible.”

– Andrew Whittaker –

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